Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Favourites

Up until now, I didn’t really have a way to remember my favourite manicures from fellow bloggers. I have saved a few JPEG here and there for future inspiration, but those photos, unfortunately, I don’t know who to give credit to because I didn’t think to at the time!
So here is a new feature that I’m calling Friday Favourites (you get the Canadian/British spelling, no favorite for you Americans, sorry!) I will link to a handful of manicures that I have encountered on various blogs over the past week that have really stood out for me. They may be from old posts or new, stay tuned to find out!

Let Them Have Polish’s Shattered Zoya Sooki – very True Blood-esque, and I can’t help but say Sooook-ay, a la Bill Compton, haha

Chit Chat Nails’ Pink Wednesday Print – I’m drooling over Essie Watermelon here, and the ring finger accent is just gorgeous!

Scandalously Polished’s Yellow Brick Road – I’ve seen this colour around quite a bit and it never did anything for me… BUT these photos make it look so BRIGHT! JUICY! SUMMERY! FUN!

Nihrida’s Clayton My Hero and Irreplaceable comparison – Very unexpected colour from Clayton My Hero, I love it! And after her comparison, Nihrida layers the colours with very nice results.

Let Them Have Polish’s American Eagle colours – I didn’t know that AE sold nail polish, now apparently they do!  It’s too bad that they are unnamed. I love the stamping design that Cristina did on what she calls “Coral Bits”

Liquid Jelly’s Treasure on Sunset Beach – I love this because I’m quite certain that I have all of the colours to recreate the look! I love the extra shimmer and I know that it will look great with a tan.

Fashion Polish’s Something Blue – I keep coming back to this post, that’s the blue I’ve been looking for! Also, I think that I have royal wedding fever

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