Monday, April 04, 2011

Obligatory Introduction

About a month ago I was chilling at my friend’s apartment. She is an art school grad, and was showing me her art supply cabinet. I oogled over the paint cans and brushes, and was amazed as she showed me some of her artistic experiments, including a paper marbling attempt.
This triggered my memory of an article I read in YM Magazine back in the day. Like, waaay back.
It was a little blurb on DIY beauty – nail marbling.
I had read the article while at a friend’s cottage when I was 13. We had some nail polishes with us, so we attempted to follow the instructions to create really cool totally awesome designs on our nails. Epic Fail. I was disappointed and frustrated, assuming that the magazine printed an error in the directions, and gave up.
Fast forward 12 years to the memory-triggering discovery.
If paper marbling is possible, then maybe nail marbling can be done, too!
I googled nail marbling and was linked to My Simple Little Pleasures. The author of the blog, Colette, is amazing. She creates beautiful designs on her nails using polish and the water marbling technique, there’s instructional videos and helpful hints and tips, beautiful pictures, it is well-written... That was it, I was hooked.
Her blog also opened me up to a whole new interweb experience: NAIL POLISH BLOGS. There are some fabulous ladies out there that write all about nail polish!
For the past month I’ve been reading these blogs and becoming educated about nail polish, nail art and related techniques. I’ve built up my nail polish collection significantly. I’ve painted my nails fresh every day. And I’ve been feeling an itch to start a nail polish blog.
I’ve tried to write blogs in the past, but alas, I suck. I get self-conscious about my writing and quit after one post. I am determined to keep this blog afloat. Here I go, wish me luck.


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