Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New goodies!

I have a habit of checking my local drug store weekly for new polishes. I have two Shopper’s Drug Marts on my route to work, so I’m glad that I’m not going out of my way. Lately I've been disappointed during every visit… seen it, seen it, have it, have it, have it… But not today...!
Nicole by O.P.I.’s Nicole’s Nickel, Make a Comet-ment and The Next CEO.
There were so many beautiful new colours, I had to limit my purchase to these three. They were on sale for $9.99 (CAN) from $10.99, woo-hoo! Make a Comet-ment caught my eye first. Look at that glitter! Full spectrum of reflected colours. I love it.

I also picked up some of these, and have a plan for tomorrow’s mani. It will be my first time using them, wish me luck!!!

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  1. Oh, how awesome! :) Make a Comet-ment is SO pretty...I have it on my wishlist!