Friday, July 15, 2011

NOTD: Inspired Nails

This manicure was inspired by some nail art I came across on Make my Day, a nail art blog from Argentina. Take a look through this site, the designs are beautiful. I forced myself to take my time and do a neat job with my nail art brush, and I am SO pleased with the results! To the right is the inspirational photo -->

And here is my take on it...

Here is a photo to prove that I did both hands! This is the first time I even attempted something so intricate on all nails. 
 As you can guess, I used a lot of polishes to complete this look. I painted each nail with two coats of white. After it dried, I used my nail art brush (striper brush?) to fill in a half-moon near the base of my nail with one colour, left a stripe of white and then filled in the tip of my nail (basically an extended french tip). Finally, I made a Black "W" on each nail and added some dots. Fini! The polishes I used, from l-r are: China Glaze Liquid Leather, China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, SOPI Arm Candy, Essie Turquoise & Caicos, OPI Rumple's Wiggin', OPI Fiercely Fiona, Essie Splash of Grenadine, Essie Barbuda Banana, OPI What's With the Cattitude, Orange OPI (I don't know the name!) mixes with white, and Sally Hansen White Tip 
 Here's a photo of one of my Mom's plumeria plants in bloom! The flowers smell amazing :)
Thanks for reading!


  1. These nails are SO fun. You use so many color and it totally worked. You're very talented and these are perfect for summer


  2. i love them hayley!! i want to do it too! haha

  3. i love them! you really can see the inspiration perfectly!

    shel xx

  4. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in The Butterfly Award. I don't want to link spam you, so if you're interested, there is a link to my blog on my profile. :)

  5. Looks great! I have to try it!

  6. How fun, I think I saw a shirt at Forever 21 like this lol

  7. These look awesome! (and they match your blog background, lol)