Saturday, July 16, 2011

Top Ten Award

 A few eons ago, I was tagged by Amy from Gotham Polish for the Top Ten Award... Amy wrote a sweet little something something about my blog, thanks to her for that ;)

I couldn't choose only 10 of my favourite beauty products to write about, so here are my top 12 list! I use most of these items every day, and I don't know what I would do without them!

1. Cover Girl Fresh Complexion concealer - I've been using this for years as a foundation to conceal dark spots (hellooo under eye circles) and minor imperfections. It is not heavy and allows my skin to breath. 

2. The Balm Hot Mama shadow/blush - I wear this as a blush. I get a perfect summery golden-pink glow year round. I've recommended this to many people!

3. Bourjois Paris eyeshadow #16 Nude - It's called Nude, but goes on like a nude/gold shimmer. It really brightens up my eyes without making it look like I'm wearing too much makeup. 

4. Lush Rehab shampoo - Papaya, pineapple, kiwi, mango, peppermint and rosemary smell amazing in this shampoo for dry/damaged hair. I use it about once a week, although I don't think it's the best suited to my hair-type. OH WELL!

5. Lush Daddy-O shampoo - This is ideal for blondes, I use it regularly to brighten up my colour. The chamomile also makes my hair smell amazing. I don't mind splurging on Lush shampoo!

6. Lush Eau Roma Water toner - This has been a lifesaver during the hot muggy summer that has plagued Toronto (I love the heat, but the moisture is so sticky and ugh!) I store this in the fridge and spritz it over my face and arms for an instant cool-off.

7. Lush Lemony Flitter cuticle butter - THE BEST cuticle care I've encountered. I slather it on and leave it for a few minutes, and it already starts to absorb into my skin on it's own. After massaging the extra into my hands, like with all Lush products, I smell amazing!

8. Lush Ultrabalm body balm - A year ago, this would have been replaced with Vaseline. I prefer Ultrabalm now! I use it as a nighttime lip moisturizer, to sooth my red ring around my nose when I'm sick, and on my inner thighs to prevent chaffing when I wear a skirt (tmi? lol) It works for all of these uses AMAZINGLY, and there are about a million other uses too. It's less sticky than Vaseline, absorbs better, and is vegan friendly. I'm not vegan, I could actually go for a steak right now, but still a good cause to support. LOL

9. Aquonlina Pink Sugar perfume - For when I want to smell like cotton candy. I love the roller ball application. Thanks, Sephora!

10. L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara - My favourite mascara by far. This is another product I've been using for years. Old Faithful. I can layer it to get tonnes of volume. It doesn't flake. It's perfect. 

11. Cover Girl Exact Eyelights brightening liner in Vivid Ruby - I only started using this last year to rim my upper and lower waterlines. The colour really makes my hazel-y green eyes POP and the consistency slides on easily.

12. Lush Lust perfume - For when I want to smell more sophisticated and/or mature. It is a strong jasmine floral scent that takes to my skin beautifully.  


  1. Hi Hayley, I love how many Lush products are in your top picks! I haven't tried the shampoos yet, I've been meaning to... hmmm maybe I'll have to stop by this week hehe

  2. OMG when you said you put the Ultrabalm on your thighs when you wear a skirt, I was like wow, why doesn't anyone ever give tips on something like that, because I HATE when my inner thighs get chaffed when I wear a dress or a skirt! I always try to wear some kind of like tight legging shorts underneath that don't show because its so worth not having to worry about it, but then the skirt has to be long enough...

    So does this really help? The only thing I do if its too short to wear something underneath is put talc powder of some kind there, but if its really hot out, you have to reapply it without getting it ON your skirt and ughhh, I hate it so much. haha!

  3. YES it absolutly works! I put it on today, no lie. It lasts all day, it's not greasy and slimey, it's SILKY, and you actually forget about it right away! TRY IT! :D

  4. Oh if it works I'm going to send you presents! hee hee