Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday Favourites Round 5

Also Known As' Turquoise and Silver Shatter manicure - I stared at this picture for *too* long trying to figure it out, before finally reading the text (and noticing that the bottle is a crackle... duh) and realizing that the finger designs alternate! Hah! I can be  little slow, let me be. lol. I think this is very cool and I can't wait to try it out!
Enamel Girl's Midnight Mani - These are nail stickers from Sally's! Wow! How awesome does this look?! I want to try them out, even though it looks like there is a bumpy texture that would drive me nuts... it's so dazzling!
Getcha Nails Did's Love, Beverly Hills xx - I'm not totally crazy about this Essie colour, but I LOVE this photo! Haha, something about Dr. Pepper... yum! The colours match perfectly!
Chit Cat Nails' Katy Perry inspired mani - Katy is awesome for inspiration, and I love this look that Marta created based on one of Katy's outfits! Something about the one thick line on each nail adds an extra oomph - well done!
Emily's Bananarama Nails - How FUN is this? The cute bananas remind me of Andy Warhol's art, but are apparently based on another manicurist's nail art (whose link I cannot access right now)
Eat. Sleep. Polish's Braille Nails - I love the colour combos that Victoria came up with for each nail, and the dotting is well-done considering she just got her first dotting tools! Victoria is a relatively new blogger too - be sure to check out her blog!
Another Bottle of Polish's Fingerpaints Water Marble - You have to click on this link and check out all 10 fingernails... I love the floral-looking petals that were created using the water marble technique! I am impressed, this is gorgeous :)
Through the Wormhole's Modrian Manicure - As an art history geek, I love this nail art! I like that it is in blues instead of Modrian's typical primary trio... this is Lex's personalized touch and I am digging it!
Wow Wow Nails' Green Delicious - this is a very cute twist on a french manicure mixed with some foodie nail art! The apples are actually Konad stamps, believe it or not. I think this was made by Nina at Wow Wow... I met her a few months ago when I visited the shop in Toronto... she was very nice and helpful. Also of note - I got both of my China Glaze OMG polishes from Wow Wow Nails! It's hit or miss whether or not they have them in, but the shop is good enough for me to keep visiting and checking :)  

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