Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Tape mani

This was from a few weeks ago, it's my first success with a tape manicure! I'm a horrible blogger right now because I honestly cannot remember what polishes I used... doh. I wore this for a day without the gold glitter then added it to spice things up. I love this look and will definitely try it again!

Thanks for reading,

Monday, September 26, 2011

Red Delicious

Before you ask, I have not abandoned the 31 day challenge! I will just take my sweet time with it, that's all ;) My blog, my rules! 

I guess my job has inspired this manicure. On the first day of school, the principal gave all us teachers a bright shiny apple :) So cliche, but very welcome! 

I painted the apples using the brush from the bottle, forming heart-shapes (Zoya Sookie), and added green leaves (Butter London Dosh) and white glossy shines (Sally Hansen White Tip) with a nail art brush. Enjoy!


Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am back to work now and have a class of 20 lively first graders to teach! Thank-you for your patience with my lack of posting... I am updating now to tell you the winner of my piCture pOlish giveaway - Deja Vu from My Nails: A Love Affair - congrats to her!

I hope to have some more posts up soon - I haven't forgotten about the 31 Day challenge!


Monday, September 05, 2011

Day 11: Polka Dots

Day 11: Polka Dots

Here's Pop Beauty Nail Glam's Violetta dotted with Zoya Roxy - I think it's a cute combo! It's actually much brighter than in the photos but my camera wasn't cooperating... oh well :)

Thanks for reading! Now I'm off to get a good night's sleep for my first day back to Grade 1 tomorrow - teaching, by the way, I'm not six years old ;)