Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Mani, New Year!

Out with 2011, in with 2012! I am SO done with last year and looking forward to lots of great things for the year to come. I haven't updated in a few months, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been doing my nails ;) Back in December I did a cute snowy manicure inspired by Nailside's design...

I also tried 3D nail decal stickers from Sally's. I hated the texture of these and removed them right after snapping a few pics!
Last night I got around to trying a manicure I had been wanting to attempt for a long time - a full on (double!) rainbow gradient. I was intimidated to try this. I had only ever done a maximum of 3 colours in a gradient, and I was looking at using 6 to get the effect that I wanted. My nails are at a good length now, so last night I finally decided to go for it. Here are the polishes that I used:

Zoya Marley, OPI Pink Friday, random orange OPI (oops! no label!) mixed with white*, Essie Barbuda Banana, Picture Polish Honey Dew, and Essie Borrowed & Blue
*I really need to get a pale orange!

 I apologize that my thumbnail looks a little gnarly... I am mending a crack with a tea-bag patch - I'm pretty new at this but it's holding up well! Here are a few more pics. I'm really happy with how this manicure turned out!

I want to share one tip with you... this is the best thing that I have come across to help me with sponging. When I sponge a gradient on my nails, I like to cut up a makeup sponge into tiny pieces in order to get the most of it. The pieces are difficult to hold, especially with freshly-painted nails. I tried regular tweezers, but these proved difficult too, since you have to continually squeeze so you don't drop the sponge. Enter these tweezers:

I believe that they are sticker tweezers, from a company called Making Memories. I bought them at Michaels Craft store years ago. They are reverse tweezers, so by default they are in a closed position, and you only have to squeeze to release the grip and open the tips. This is great for sponging, since you can loosely hold the tweezers like a pencil and not strain your wrist or risk ruining your mani :) 

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  1. ive never seen tweezers like that before!! interesting.
    i love your snow mani!!

  2. CUTE!nailside always has the best designs i keep meaning to try some more, i love the rainbow gradient too.

  3. wow!! dear love ur collection… truly inspiring…. chk ma blog

  4. Welcome back girl and I absolutely love the 3D result on you

  5. Hi Hayley! It's Jane from Nailside. I'm so in love with your version of the snow scene clouds! The colors are so great together, thanks for sharing it with me ;-)

  6. I like it very much :D- cute mani!!!!!

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  8. Love the first look! Yours clouds came really pretty. Please can you tell what nail polish did you use? the base it´s Smooth Sailing?

  9. Those tweezers are brilliant! I'm going to have to get some for myself. Thanks for the tip!