Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 1: Red

The 31 Day Challenge does seem like a big commitment, however I see this as a way for me to swatch some untried polishes, go outside of the box with my colour choices, and expand my nail art skills. I do NOT plan on stressing myself out over this by posting EVERY day, and I DO plan on having fun :) 

Here is Day 1: Red. I used Zoya's Sooki, which I partially bought because of the name #embarrassedtoadmit. I'm a True Blood fan, and this season is better than ever!  
Sooki is a great bright red. It applied evenly in 2 coats and has a nice shine on its own. I added a top coat just because that's how I roll. 
Sorry about the strange reflections on my nails :) This is a nice shade that I can see myself wearing year-round!

Thanks for reading, and remember,



  1. I lol'd at that public service announcement.

  2. Love this entire post!! Also a TrueBlood fan! lol

  3. I like that you're inspired to do a 31 day challenge. I see some do 365 day challenges and to me that is daunting.

  4. I love True Blood! (I've read all the books too!) I am thinking about taking on this challenge!