Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wish list!

First off, thanks for the heads up, Natalie’s Nails; The new Bundle Monster stamping plates are available now! $21.99 for 25 plates? Yes please! With shipping it came to $25.99 for me, that’s practically a dollar a plate, amazing. Would someone mind explaining the difference between Bundle Monster and Konad to me? Why are Konad plates so much more expensive? I haven’t tried BM plates yet, but I’ve been swept up in the excitement about the new set getting released. If everyone is talking about them, they must be good, right?! :)

 I’m a little worried about the next month or so, there are so many polishes that I want to get my hands on, and my bank account is going to suffer! I am looking forward to the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection, especially the silver crackle (swoon) I need to see some more swatches before choosing which to get (or see them in person!), but right now I’m leaning towards Stranger than Tides, Mermaid Tears, and Planks a Lot. Not that I need another purple polish… haha


Skull & Glossbones, Stranger Tides, Mermaids Tears, Steady As She Rose, Sparrow Me the Drama, and Planks a Lot
Based on the photos I’ve seen, I really like the OPI Serena Williams Grand Slam! duo sets that are coming out. I’m not crazy about the white and red shatters, but Rally Pretty Pink looks stunning!

ALSO: Sweet Sugar is celebrating 500 followers with a giveaway! Visit her blog to see the goodies up for grabs... I love the Essence polishes! Good luck!

I will have a new NOTD up soon, thanks for reading :)


Rally Pretty Pink

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  1. You are so sweet! I'm so glad I could be of help! I am very excited to get the new plates! :)