Wednesday, April 06, 2011

NOTD: Zara

Here’s today’s look! I knew I had to buy Zara when I saw it in a HUGE Zoya display rack at at Soho Salon & Spa in Sherway Gardens. I had seen mini Zoya displays at Trade Secrets before, but nothing like this ginormous double-sided rack!  
This colour stood out for me because it’s almost just like my favourite eye shadow – Trax by MAC. Trax is a bit darker purple than Zara, but it has the same gold shimmer. It makes my eyes POP! I love purple with gold, it’s my favourite colour combo. 
Not quite true to colour – check it out next time you’re at a MAC store! It looks great with green/hazel eyes.
I do my nails at night and take photos after work late afternoon. My nails go through torture during the day. Yesterday I got glue gun glue stuck to them :/ I need to invest in a base and topcoat so that my mani survives until picture time. Haha, what I’m getting at is that here I have 2 coats done yesterday and another 2 touch-up coats done today :D

I experimented with a matte coat using Matt Finish Topcoat by London Butter. I really like the effect!

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  1. Oh wow. I love the matte finish. It's so soft and velvety looking!

  2. Thanks! I actually only did the matte finish for the photo, I totally need to wear it out!!