Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games Manicure

As with most of the tween population, this weekend I squee-d over the movie premiere of the Hunger Games. I don't fit that demographic (I'm 26... *waves*), but I got sucked into the craze! I recently read the book trilogy and the movie exceeded my high expectations. Naturally, I painted my nails to look like the girl on fire...

 This was inspired by a lot of Hunger Games manicures that have been floating around the nail blogs this week. The mockingjay accent nail was by far my most ambitious free design, but I saw other ladies had done it so I went for it! 
Thanks for reading!



  1. I think you did a great job, I love how the flames look ! I also don't fit into the demographic but I hide behind my 14 yr old daughter LOL

  2. I really like this! You did a great job :)

  3. I absolutely love these, the shimmer in the nail varnish makes it look so good.... also the film was immense, I had to blog about it. x

  4. Have I told you lately that I love you?

  5. I love this mani! You do great work for sure.

    I am passing on the get to know me tag. Details at my blog