Saturday, May 07, 2011

Friday Favourites Round 2

I apologize for acting MIA for the past few days, I am in a bit of a slump with my nails. I removed 3 manis in a row yesterday. I couldn't settle on something I was happy with! And then today at school I was working on a hallway mural all day, my hands and nails got really damaged as a result :/ I cleaned them up and moisturized a lot afterwards, and I'm looking forward to some great NOTDs coming up! Here is what I came across and loved this week, take a look :)

Ivana's Ruffian Manicure - I love this look. It's very sophisticated and classy, plus purple and gold look great together!

Ivana's Mattified Houston We Have a Purple with Prancer - Ivana gets 2 nods this week, because I just discovered her blog! HWHAP looks great with a matte finish (reminder to self - try this!) and the hexagonal red glitters look like they're magically hovering on the nail. Pretty!

The Nail Buff's Block Orange with Flower Accent - Orange is usually NOT my colour, but I couldn't help but love this look. The deep almost-blood orange is nicely contrasted with a cute white flower. Great look!

The Nail Addict's Peafowl Nail Art- success! This full set of multi-coloured nail stampings is so skillfully done, amazing!! 

Brooke's Lightbox Tutorial - I didn't know that making your own lightbox could be this easy, thanks for the tutorial Brooke!

Jane's Lightening Bolt French Tutorial - What I love about all of Jane's tutorials the most is how easy-to-follow they are. This girl has a real eye for design, in both the layout of her blog and the funky nail art designs she comes up with. I will be following this tutorial really soon!

Amy's Forever 21 Times Square Review -  This post made me LOL for real. Do you get the Toy Story reference? ;) Also, I wish I had started to read Gotham Polish before visiting NYC earlier this year! doh!

Gotham Polish

Stilletto Mani by Nails for Fun -  I wish that I could read the language of this blog's author so I could learn some of her secrets! This manicure is SEXY. No other word for it! Check it out!!!


  1. Hi Hayley! Just wanted to say thanks for naming me in this post! So sweet of you. And I like keeping things easy-to-follow ;-) Plenty of hard-to-follow stuff in this world, hahah

  2. Hayley, thank you so much for mentioning my post alongside such beautiful nails and designs, I'm really flattered! <3

  3. Hi hun, thank you for mentioning me in this post. I am glad that you liked my Louboutin mani. My blog is on Croatian because sometimes I have many things to say but is hard for me to write that in English because my English is not so good. I understand everything but is hard to me write long posts. Second reason for that is there is no so much Croatian bloggers and third reason is that I have little boy and I dont have time to write posts in two languages but if you like my blog and you want to know more about my manicures and Google translator not helping feel free to send me email and I will gladly answer you :)

  4. Aw thanks for including my post!

  5. I was just checking the statistics page of my blog and that's how I found that you mention me here. :) Thank you so much! It really made my day so I'm going to sleep with a smile. :)