Saturday, June 04, 2011

NOTD: Yellow Brick Road

I had a blond moment today, and since I have little shame I will share it with you! I got Deborah Lippmann's Yellow Brick Road a few days ago, and tried it out for the first time today. 4 or 5 coats later I built up the jelly polish into a really nice yellow that I love! I had the windows open as I was doing my manicure so the smell wouldn't get to me, but I still smelled something strong. It was pineapples. What? Could my new polish be pineapple-scented?!! I didn't read that it was scented in any of the reviews online, and the box doesn't say that it's scented... am I imagining things? The smell is getting stronger! Am I having a stroke??!! Seriously, a million things went through my head, but I just kept polishing on, laa dee daa, in my own little happy bubble. I took some pictures, the smell was still there. I went on the computer, the smell still lingered. I got a drink downstairs... pinepapple smell everywhere! Then I realized... DUH I had applied a new Coconut Pineapple Bath and Body Works fragrance mist. :) I am so s-m-r-t. Well, here are some new photos to share!

 Still loving my mom's garden! Especially after a rain shower... so pretty. 

 And finally, the scent-culprit. I recommended this fragrance mist (so long as you remember you're wearing it... lol) Better than a pina colada!


  1. i love this color, so pretty and perfect for spring and summer, please stop by and join please

  2. i like it. its more sheer than i had thought.. but i like it.

  3. It's too sheer for me, perhaps I would like it more if there's an other polish under it.

    I really laughed about your Pineapple story! I could happen to me too! :-D