Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday Favourites Round 4

Das Experiment's Picture Polish Sparkle - These swatches make me want this colour! My nails aren't nearly as nice as this blogger's though. I agree with her opinion that the polish looks great paired with light denim. Very pretty. 
Fashion Polish's Coney Island and Glitter in the Air -  I have to add American Apparel's Coney Island to my wishlist! It looks great paired with GITA, and reminds me of cotton candy :) As usualy, Sam's photos are stunning.
Sweet Sugar's Striping Tape Manicure -  Another Bella and Edward pairing that really pops! I wish that Essence polishes were available in Canada. Or if they are, I'm totally missing them! 
Nightly Nails' Revlon Just Tinted - These are great swatches of the new Revlon line. These colours look so juicy, I can't wait to try mine out.   
Lex's Intergalactic Nails - Incredible nail art, his girl has talent. Tutorial here.
Chit Chat Nails Stranger Tides - I like the earthy look of this manicure, it's really cute and subtle
Canadian Nail Fanatic's Maya Flowers - What a great stamped manicure! I love the base colour, I love the image plate, and the yellow dots are a playful and fun contrast against the coral. Pretty and feminine. 
MaD Manis' Dandelions - I hate dandelions, but I love dandelion imagry (hah!) This nail art is skillfully done, and I love how the image travels across all of the nails. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these! I'm looking at Lex's blog now!

  2. Oh wow it's so pleasant to be added to someone's favourites! Thanks for sharing!

  3. No joke, those are awesome!! BTW, you've got some awards over on my most recent post. xD

  4. Oh, I just noticed you added me in that post, you're so sweet ! Sorry I didn't see it earlier but I need more time to visit blogs lol :)
    Thank you a lot :D